Supporting growth in agriculture and transportation

To support growth in agriculture and transportation, Diesel Engine Repair Trainings for communities of Aye Yar, Kadon Kani and Kyun Thar Yar Village Tracts in Bogale Township were conducted in cooperation with Green Care in 2009 and with International Rescue Committee during 2010. Altogether, 130 trainees attended the trainings. The trainees attended on the job trainings, repairing diesel engines, power tillers and generators. After the trainings the trainees were provided with Tools Kits to repair machines in their own villages, helping fellow villagers and generating their incomes.

“Our villages are small and we have very few people who can repair the machines. So, it is a good opportunity to attend the training and we can now repair the machines ourselves, saving time and money to reach a workshop”, said a trainee.

Similarly, trainings on maintenance of Rolling Boats for farmers in Bine Daunt Chaung, Phone Gyi Kone and Sar Chet Village Tracts in Labutta township were conducted in December 2010 providing Tools Kits for (43) group leaders from (21) villages.