Providing houses for the needy

     Nargis Cyclone destructed several houses in the Ayeyarwady Delta. Many people could not afford to rebuild their houses as they had to earn for their daily subsistence. Most of them live in makeshift shelters, covering the roofs and walls by tarpaulin or thatch.

     To support the most vulnerable communities, CDA in cooperation with Green Care (People In Need) built 30 low cost houses and repaired 25 houses in Ohn Pin Su, Aye Yar Village Tract in Bogale Township, enhancing their dignity.

    Green Care and CDA cooperated with Solidarites’ to build houses which could stand strong winds and last long, using only local housing materials. The beneficiaries were trained to build the houses and they participated in building their own houses.

     “ I don’t have to worry about building a house now. I can pursue my works to earn a living for my family,” said a delighted beneficiary of the village.